Home Manufcturing

I have been really interested in the rise of home manufacturing products available. It seems that a revolution is happening in the way we aquire things. Traditionally all manufacturing was done at home but the industrial revolution changed all that. The means of production moved out of the home and into factories. Advancements in assembly lines and robotics slowly eroded the need for humans and divorced our connection with the process of construction behind the objects that we use everyday. Most of us have gotten used to simply buying everything we need from store or in more recent times, simply having the things we want show up on our doorsteps.

This may be changing however. There are a more and more products coming to market that bring the manufacturing process back home. From 3d printers like "Makerbot" to laser cutters like the new "Glowforge", we are  bringing the means of production back to our desktops. 



This tool could really make the production of physical models a breeze, not to mention all of the other cool things it could be used for.

Along with the advancements in 3d printing, I think tools like this are quickly making home manufacturing a reality. I can envision a time when your local home improvement stores simply stock raw materials and we "print" objects that we download as 3d files.