The Architect

Adrian Harrison has been a licensed architect since 2007.  He received his Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Oregon in 2000, and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Loyola Marymount University in 1995.  Prior to starting his own company in 2005, he apprenticed at the renowned firm Marmol-Radziner and Associates in Santa Monica, California.  Additionally, while earning his master’s degree, he apprenticed at the innovative design firm of Architröpolis in Portland, Oregon.

Adrian has also been a licensed general contractor since 2006, and has extensive experience in both construction and project management.  He has been operating as a design-build architect since founding his company, and brings a detailed knowledge of the entire building process to any project.

The Company

AMH Architecture & Construction is a small design-build company focused on providing high quality design and construction in the residential and light commercial markets.  By maintaining close oversight throughout the entire design and construction process, we are capable of providing a superior finished product, and ensure that the design intent is carried through to fruition.  In addition, we simplify the building process by providing a single point-of-contact throughout design and construction.

We are particularly interested in contributing to the advancement of architectural design, construction and development.  We approach this by developing new and innovative ways of providing better and more beautiful structures, by exploring materials and methods that reduce labor and maintenance, and by always striving to serve as an example of what is possible.

We are strong proponents of the concept of regional design, and constantly strive to develop design solutions that respond to our local climate, landscape and history.  We are primarily focused on the Southern California area, and the unique opportunities and challenges that it affords.

We also believe in using the power of intelligent design at a local level to solve global problems.  By incorporating sustainable materials and building practices, we can provide increased value, better lifetime performance, and a decreased carbon foot-print from our projects.

We know that through good design, we can simplify our lives.  We strive always for the simple powerful solution.  As life gets faster and more complicated, we believe that the spaces we occupy can become an oasis from life’s constant barrage of stimulus.  By creating clean, uncluttered and calming spaces to live and work, we make our lives better.